What We're Doing

On October 7th Eli Lilly and Company in collaboration with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) will landscape and enhance the interchanges that form the western gateway to urban Indianapolis. They are:

Sam Jones Expressway, Harding Street, West Street, Illinois Street/Capitol Avenue and Meridian Street. To see maps of the project, click here.

Two communities will see their I-70 entrances made more welcoming. They are:

West Indianapolis Development Corporation and the Concord Community Development Corporation.

Led by KIB and INDOT, a team of urban planners and landscape architects have re-designed the I-70 corridor to integrate native grasses, flowering plants, and trees. Site-specific sculptures have been commissioned. Public meetings and open comment periods gave neighbors and business owners a voice in the planning.

It's another chapter in the Indianapolis story that brings together private companies, community leaders, multiple government agencies, and a lot of good people ready to put on their work gloves.

Now, the project called "A Greener Welcome" is about to begin.

Why it matters.

The benefits of a project this massive can be measured in environmental, economic, and cultural terms. They begin to accumulate even before the shovels are packed up, and will extend across generations.

Environmental Benefits
Economic Benefits
Cultural Benefits

Holt road

The open spaces within highway interchanges are modern day no-mans-lands--jumbles of grass and weeds that look the about the same in every city. But what if we envisioned something better for these spaces?

What if we re-created them as living green spaces, and gave them something important to say, like "Welcome to Indianapolis" or even "Welcome Home".

Click here to download the essential facts on A Greener Welcome.